Should I arrive beforehand?

We definitely ask that you come 15 minutes before your game. This gives you time to settle and make yourself comfy, and us the time to properly brief you to ensure you succeed and have the best experience possible!

I'm late! What now?

You're still welcome to play. If no other group has made a reservation right after you, then we'll do our best to accommodate you. Otherwise, you'll have to make the best of the time you have left. Sorry!

How should I dress for my activity?

Come in comfortable clothes.

For axe throwing, we strongly advise flat, closed-toe shoes.

For laser maze, nothing too loose. Skirts or dresses may lead you to inadvertently trigger the lasers.

Is there parking available?

There's free parking right out our door. Look for our orange facade!

But is there enough parking for large groups?

We have room to accommodate around 10 cars. For larger groups, we recommend parking in Carpool Rotselaar adjacent to the Aarschotsesteenweg roundabout (6-minute walk from Locked).

Can I get to you by bus?

You can take bus 333 or 335 from Leuven. Get off the "Jef Scherensstraat" stop, and walk 300 metres to Locked.

Will I have my own axe throwing lane and target?

You can be assured that you and your group will have your own private lane and target. But we do encourage you to make some new friends!

Am I really stuck in the escape room?

Don't fret! Just holler and we'll let you out if you need to. Each room is also equipped with an emergency button.

Do I need to be able to understand and speak Dutch to succeed the escape rooms?

No, not necessarily. We've designed our rooms so that language isn't the most important factor in solving the riddles. You can also request for the clues to be given in English. The key to success is team work and great communication with your team!

Do you serve drinks?

A full bar awaits you at Locked! Feel free to quench your thirst before or after your game. Or why not while giving your arm a rest between (axe) throws?

How about food?

We're working on this! But at the moment, our kitchen isn't ready and we can only serve you drinks. Sorry for the inconvenience!

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, bancontact or credit card -- take your pick!

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